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Win a copy of Aries Rising

Revision update: Nothing done yesterday as I was at the Houston SCBWI conference (brilliant, more about that tomorrow), but this morning I had a revision idea and have started to work that up.

Thanks to all those who entered questions for ghostwriter Laura Cross’ interview. It went so well, I’m doing another one.

Bonnie Hearn Hill headshot
Bonnie Hearn Hill

On Friday, March 19, Bonnie Hearn Hill will be on DayByDayWriter answering your questions and giving away a copy of her new book, Aries Rising, a young adult romance/fantasy that’s the first book in her Star Crossed series. Aries Rising debuts in March, and books two and three (Taurus Eyes and Gemini Night) will come out later this year.

Bonnie has been passionate about writing since she won a Coca-Cola-sponsored contest in fourth grade. Since then, she has worked as a newspaper editor and written several non-fiction books and six thrillers. The Star Crossed series is her first for young adult readers.

Here’s the summary for Aries Rising:

Aries Rising book coverWhen Logan McRae discovers a magical book called Fearless Astrology, all she wants is to change her sucky life. In order to get into the summer writing camp of her dreams, she needs the recommendation of her stubborn and irritable English teacher Mr. Franklin. Logan also has her eye on Nathan, the hottest guy in class. Unfortunately, so does popular, beyond-gorgeous Geneva, editor of the high school paper.

Logan’s two best friends, Chili and Paige, are always there to give her the advice she needs. But now that she has Fearless Astrology, Logan discovers a whole new way to overcome her dilemmas-while helping the three of them land the guys they’re crushing on.

When the Gears, a group of boys, starts causing trouble in school and out, she decides to identify them using astrology. Her goal: to impress Mr. Franklin, Nathan, and the kids who believe she is faking her newfound knowledge. The answers are in the stars, all right, but can Logan decipher them before it is too late?

Bonnie will give away a copy of Aries Rising to the  person who submits Bonnie’s favorite question before end of Friday, March 12. So, think up some great ones and post them in the comments. Enter as many times as you’d like, but if another reader has already posted a question similar to yours, please try to think of another one.

You can ask Bonnie about moving from adult fiction to young adult, non-fiction and fiction, astrology, even a favorite on the DayByDayWriter blog, how she managed to write while working a full-time job. Feel free to use these topics for your questions, plus anything else you’d like to ask.

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  1. Are any of your characters based on real people, or is there a plot element based on something that happened to you in real life?

    Do you believe in astrology yourself? Could you tell us about a situation that you think is influenced by astrology–or can you tell us about someone you know who does believe in astrology?

  2. Have you ever thought of doing a story with one character’s story using the Aries based astrology chart and the other character with an animal based upon the Chinese’s astrological chart: how their paths converge and diverge using one of the universal themes of literature.

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