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News today that literary agent Colleen Lindsey of Fine Print Literary Management is leaving agenting — yep, not moving to another agency, but saying goodbye to that job and moving back into publishing.

This sounds like great news for Colleen, and I wish her congratulations and best wishes on her new online job with Penguin. The details of the job are hush hush, but as it’s online, I can’t help thinking it might be some new and innovative way to get books — or rather written stories — out to readers. It could be very exciting.

However, I feel for all the writers who are agented by Colleen. Fine Print does have other agents, including the recently hired Marissa Walsh on the children’s book side, so I assume Colleen’s clients will be well taken care of. But the agent/author relstionship is so close, so personal, that it must be hard for a writer to lose their greatest advocate.

Has this happened to you? How did it turn out?

This will surely be an adjustment for Colleen and her clients, and I wish them all the best.

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5 thoughts on “Agent leaving”

  1. Yeah, it sounds like a great opportunity for Colleen, and I hope it’s something exciting for the industry. We’ll see.

    I do feel for her clients, though. But hopefully they’ll get another agent who’s equally wonderful.

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