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An Inspirational Break, With Some Baggage Problems

There's nothing like getting away to refill your creative juices. My husband and I went to the Cayman Islands for Christmas, visiting family and old friends. We also managed to sneak in plenty of time at the beach. Bright sun, white sand, clear sea. Sitting there, watching the sunset, the surf grabbing my toes... It… Continue reading An Inspirational Break, With Some Baggage Problems

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Dreams do come true

Manuscript update: Started my new final round of revision yesterday. The last round was the make-every-word-great round, after going through plot and scene revision rounds earlier. So this is the polish, the I-want-to-make-sure-every-word-is-still-great-and-I-didn't-type-something-weird-last-time round. I'm excited, and plan to be finished in a week or so. Fingers crossed. With the economy the way it is… Continue reading Dreams do come true