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Self-Publishing Pros and Cons with Dotti Enderle

The changing publishing industry is offering new opportunities to writers, but is self-publishing for you? My friend and great writer Dotti Enderle (aka Dax Varley) has been published traditionally and self-published. Her most recent release, SEVERED (A TALE OF SLEEPY HOLLOW), is a young adult novel that's gives its own version of the Icabod/Katrina story.… Continue reading Self-Publishing Pros and Cons with Dotti Enderle

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When to quit querying and self-publish

Rejections are tough, and when they stand between a writer and his dream of getting published, the call of  the world of digitally self-publishing can start to echo louder and louder. But when is the right time to quit querying and self-publish? We've all heard those stories of great books getting turned down by agent/editor after… Continue reading When to quit querying and self-publish

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Self-publishing and ebooks

Going into the Austin SCBWI chapter's annual conference this weekend -- it was great, by the way -- I was curious to find out how middle-grade novels are selling in ebooks, as that's what I write. I've seen lots of articles in the Publishers Lunch enewsletter saying that ebook sales are rocketing in adult books… Continue reading Self-publishing and ebooks

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Dreams do come true

Manuscript update: Started my new final round of revision yesterday. The last round was the make-every-word-great round, after going through plot and scene revision rounds earlier. So this is the polish, the I-want-to-make-sure-every-word-is-still-great-and-I-didn't-type-something-weird-last-time round. I'm excited, and plan to be finished in a week or so. Fingers crossed. With the economy the way it is… Continue reading Dreams do come true