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Self-Publishing Pros and Cons with Dotti Enderle

The changing publishing industry is offering new opportunities to writers, but is self-publishing for you? My friend and great writer Dotti Enderle (aka Dax Varley) has been published traditionally and self-published. Her most recent release, SEVERED (A TALE OF SLEEPY HOLLOW), is a young adult novel that's gives its own version of the Icabod/Katrina story.… Continue reading Self-Publishing Pros and Cons with Dotti Enderle

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When to quit querying and self-publish

Rejections are tough, and when they stand between a writer and his dream of getting published, the call of  the world of digitally self-publishing can start to echo louder and louder. But when is the right time to quit querying and self-publish? We've all heard those stories of great books getting turned down by agent/editor after… Continue reading When to quit querying and self-publish

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Self-publishing and ebooks

Going into the Austin SCBWI chapter's annual conference this weekend -- it was great, by the way -- I was curious to find out how middle-grade novels are selling in ebooks, as that's what I write. I've seen lots of articles in the Publishers Lunch enewsletter saying that ebook sales are rocketing in adult books… Continue reading Self-publishing and ebooks

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Dreams do come true

Manuscript update: Started my new final round of revision yesterday. The last round was the make-every-word-great round, after going through plot and scene revision rounds earlier. So this is the polish, the I-want-to-make-sure-every-word-is-still-great-and-I-didn't-type-something-weird-last-time round. I'm excited, and plan to be finished in a week or so. Fingers crossed. With the economy the way it is… Continue reading Dreams do come true

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Editor Alexandra Cooper on submitting to an editor

Revision update: On chapter 18 of 30. Getting a little behind my goal, so tomorrow, I've got to step up my game. In my third report from the Houston SCBWI conference, Simon & Schuster editor Alexandra Cooper talks about submitting to an editor, including herself. If you missed my earlier reports, Scholastic editor and author… Continue reading Editor Alexandra Cooper on submitting to an editor