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When to quit querying and self-publish

Rejections are tough, and when they stand between a writer and his dream of getting published, the call of  the world of digitally self-publishing can start to echo louder and louder. But when is the right time to quit querying and self-publish? We've all heard those stories of great books getting turned down by agent/editor after… Continue reading When to quit querying and self-publish

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How to install IndieBound Reader on Kindle Fire

My wonderful husband surprised me with an Amazon Kindle Fire under the Christmas tree this year. Before Christmas, I had heard some disappointing things about the Fire, but the biggest one -- that Fire users can't buy ebooks from independent bookstores -- turns out to not be true. Great news for anyone who has already… Continue reading How to install IndieBound Reader on Kindle Fire

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Self-publishing and ebooks

Going into the Austin SCBWI chapter's annual conference this weekend -- it was great, by the way -- I was curious to find out how middle-grade novels are selling in ebooks, as that's what I write. I've seen lots of articles in the Publishers Lunch enewsletter saying that ebook sales are rocketing in adult books… Continue reading Self-publishing and ebooks

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Winnie the Pooh on Nintendo DS

Done today: Chapter 1 (four pages) Revision remaining: 165 pages Daily pages needed to be finished by end of November: 3.5 Finally got down to some good revision this morning. Phew! Does it feel good to be working with the book again. We've read that children's books have been doing better than some other segments in this recession.… Continue reading Winnie the Pooh on Nintendo DS