American Horse Tales Giveaway

Calling all horse lovers! The AMERICAN HORSE TALES series features six stories about girls and their horse best friends. In this book bundle giveaway, you could win the first 5 books in this middle-grade series! Fill out the form below to enter. Here are the books in this giveaway:

THE DUST BOWL by Michelle Jabès Corpora

Set in the 1930s Oklahoma, this American Horse Tale is the story of a young girl who makes the difficult decision to leave her family and move to California so she can stay with her horse.

HOLLYWOOD by Samantha M Clark

Set in modern-day California, this American Horse Tale is the story of a young girl who, along with her family’s horse, is destined for the big screen.

NORTH SHORE by Jennifer Camiccia

Set on the Island of Oʻahu, third story in the American Horse Tale series follows the story of a young girl and her horse as she vies to become a state rodeo champion.

CAMP MAH TOVU by Yael Mermelstein

At Jewish summer camp, Lila struggles to make friends until she meets a mysterious horse in the nearby woods who helps her develop confidence in this fourth story in the American Horse Tales series.

NOWHERESVILLE by Catherine Hapka

Set in Pennsylvania, the fifth book in the American Horse Tale series follows the story of a young girl who moves to a small rural town and begins a friendship with the horse next door.

NORTH WIND ACRES by Shaquilla Blake (Not in the giveaway)

Fill out the form below to enter for your chance to win these books! The giveaway ends at midnight CST on Sunday, Dec. 18.

We have a winner! Congratulations to Lisa Ialacci