First post, an introduction.

I’m like most aspiring novelists: busy. Juggling a day-job/first career, housework, cooking, life in general can be exhausting.

But the amazing thing about writing is not the stringing together of words to make sentences — well, that too — but the characters, who talk to you when you’re walking the dog, shout at you when you’re washing dishes, scream at you when you’re in the shower and generally demand attention until all you can do is put pen to paper … or fingers to keyboard, whichever is your style. (I do both, but mostly fingers to keyboard.)

Like other writers, I seek out others like me for advice, encouragement, inspiration and company with peers.

So, that’s the purpose for this blog. Sure, there are lots of online writers’ communities (and we’ll go through them), but this is for those of you who need a little booster, a shot in the arm to say, “Keep going” on the bad days, and “Hallelujah” on the good ones. I’ll share tips that I’ve discovered about the juggling act, and I hope to be enlightened by yours too.

Speak up, speak often. Let’s get creating.

Write on!

What do you think?