Go Behind the Scenes of The Boy, The Boat, and The Beast

Have you read THE BOY, THE BOAT, AND THE BEAST? Want to discover secrets from when I was writing the story? I’ve got a fun prize for you!

At this link is a page where you can see the world the Boy travels through and find my writing secrets. BUT, the page is super secret, so it’s protected by a password. To get access to this super-secret page, answer the questions below, writing down each of your answers on a sheet of paper. Take the first letter of each answer and put them together. They’ll spell out password to get you inside. Once you have the password, click the link to get to the super-secret page.

1. What does the Boy save on the beach?

2. When the Boy is up in the tree and the storm hits, what does he rescue and take to the tree house?

3. What does the Boy call the beach where he thinks his parents are waiting?

4. When the Boy walks out of the forest to what he hopes is Umbrella Beach, what does he find instead?

5. In the first chapter, before the Boy calls out and wakes the terrible birds, he thinks he can’t “be ______, not completely ______.” Fill in the blank.

6. What does the Boy call the thick, spooky trees?

7. When the Boy gets his memories back, he finally knows his name. What is it?

Figured out the password? Click here to get to the super-secret page.


What do you think?