Up at 6

Setting the alarm for 5am worked. I got up at 6am. Of course, when I actually woke at 5 I felt pretty awake, but my comfort and knowing I hadn’t planned to get til 6 made me hit snooze. Oh well.

Before I got down to work on the novel, I remembered I had to send off some copies of Sir Newton’s Color Me Hawai’i to a lovely blogger who said she would give it a review. (Blogs are a great way to get extra publicity for your books. Send them a free review copy and let word-of-mouth, or rather word-of-web, do the talking.) So I got those ready for the postman.

Then I discovered Norton had scanned my computer over night and had found a virus and couldn’t delete it. So, I spent a little while trying to figure out how to fix that.

Finally, I thought, ‘Wait, I’m up this early to work on my novel.’ So, while Norton rescanned, I went to work and whipped out the rest of the chapter I had been working on.

Ahhh. Satisfaction. 🙂

How are you fitting in your writing?

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