Day 2

As promised in my last post, I’m checking in today to mark my revising progress this November, in conjunction with National Novel Writing Month. I started a little late in November, so this is Day 2 for me. I’ll go through to Dec. 2 instead of ending on Nov. 30.

Anyway, good news, I’m on track so far. I revised for about an hour this morning. Unfortunately, I can’t say I got too much done. I’m revising a chapter that I know is not very exciting. It needs a lot of work and might even get totally rewritten. So, I’m struggling with it, trying out different things. I’ve got what needs to happen for the story already in there. Now, I’m trying to make it fun and compelling, but ideas aren’t coming to me.

I had an idea for a short story this weekend while digging up some new flowerbeds in our back garden (well, my dad dug, I instructed). I described what I had to my husband and he’s encouraging me to write that. Maybe doing something different for a few mornings would be good and help replenish my creativity for the novel rewrite. Hmmm

In the meantime, in honor of National Novel Writing Month, here’s another writing celebration: I Love to Write Day on Nov. 15. Started by author John Riddle, I Love to Write Day encourages people to take some time on that day to write, a story, a poem, start a novel, whatever you like. Riddle gets lots of schools involved, which is fabulous. Thanks to A Writer’s Edge for posting about I Love to Write Day.

So, if you don’t think you can write every day in November, at least take some time on Nov. 15 to that you love to write.

If you’re writing every day in November with me, how’s it going so far?

Write On!


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