Day 4

Again checking in late in the day, but again reporting about an hour of writing this morning, as part of my unofficial participation in National Novel Writing Month.

I stuck with the new story this morning, and again the words flowed out. It’s strange; I approach it every morning with trepidation because I know that I don’t have a full plan worked out for the story. I didn’t even have the character fleshed out, not even a name. But, so far, the story is pouring out of me. I’m not sure yet if it’ll be a short story or something bigger. We’ll see. For now, I’m just exploring and it’s fun.

Surprises are the way the character is shaping himself, showing me who he is. His backstory keeps popping up, and I just write it down. I almost feel as though I’m taking dictation rather than writing.

Another surprise is that both that character and my novel are playing around in my head. The new story has definitely boosted my creativity. My muse is strutting around inside my brain and doesn’t seem to mind which story he/she focuses on. In the car today, I found myself inside my new character’s head, seeing the world through his eyes and it was fun. But then later, I found myself inside my novel character’s head.

It’s a good sign the my novel character is popping up. He hasn’t provided a solution to the scene just yet, but the fact that he’s visiting, breaking into my thoughts, lets me know he’s ready to talk — he just has to figure out what he wants to say. That’s ok. I’ll give him some time.

And in the meantime, the new character is proving to be very fun.

How’s your writing going?

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