Day 23 – belated

First let me say, belatedly, Happy Thanksgiving! I hope it was wonderful.

Second, in the check-in for my unofficial participation in National Novel Writing Month, this post is actually checking in for yesterday. I got up early and got a good hour in yesterday before Mass and then cooking, but I didn’t have a chance to write my post. Unfortunately, today I was still in too much of a turkey coma to work on my novel. The little time I have spent on the computer, I been gawking at news and reading blogs. But, I did go back and work more Wednesday night, so maybe that makes up for it? Nah. But I’ll get back on track tomorrow.

I did do something good for publishing today, however, something I’d again encourage everyone to do: I went out and bought some books. A few weeks ago, I talked about buying books, and that was reiterated in a link I was sent. It’s important to support the industry, especially as we’re in it. But even more important, I think, is buying books for kids, because teaching them to love books now will make them readers for life. I have a cousin who’s 4, and he loves dinosaurs. Every year, we’ve bought him some sort of dinosaur game or puzzle, etc. This year, I decided to make him a lover of dinosaur books, so I got him a really cool dino encyclopedia with pop-ups. The words will be a little old for him, but it’ll be a great book his parents can help him with and he can grow into. Fingers crossed.

I also managed to get another gift squared away in the bookstore — although I won’t say anything more on that one because the recipient reads this blog. My point is, books are great gifts, and much less expensive than the latest electronic gadget. (Plus, there’s usually no trampling at bookstores. Did you hear about the death at Wal-Mart on Black Friday because of shoppers rushing to get bargains? Do we really need a $798 plasma HDTV that much? Or The Incredible Hulk on DVD for $9? Is it worth it?)

Sadly, I picked up a flyer at my church recently for a gift giving day (you take in appropriate gifts and the church provides them to families in need) and books were not on the list, which had suggestions for different children age groups as well as “family” gifts. Maybe I’ll get them some books anyway. Make readers for life.

What books have you bought lately?

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