Day 30 and end of unofficial NaNoWriMo

I finally made it to the end of my unofficial participation in National Novel Writing Month — four days late. I started on Nov. 3 and vowed to work on my rewrite every day for 30 days. As I’m ending on Dec. 7, I must have missed four days in the past 30. Can I do every day in December? With Christmas in there, I doubt it. But I’m going to do my best.

My rewrite is still coming along nicely. My outline/timeline is still making things much easier, and I even changed something in the outline today. But all the changes are making the novel better, so that’s exciting. Today, I blended some more scenes to fit their new place in the outline, and tomorrow my plan is to change the location of one scene to a location I set up in a new early scene that I wrote a couple of days ago.

How’s your writing coming? What are you working on?

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