Children’s books at Borders

Here’s some nice news from the industry — mixed with some bad. Borders reported a $185 million loss for its 2008 fiscal year, which ended Jan. 31 — that’s not the good news — but the chain has plans and among them is giving more floorspace to children’s books. Now, that’s good news. Even better, is that the reason Borders is expanding its children’s book selection is that the category is performing above others. Sales have been growing. That is even better news.

 Now, I don’t know if this is related, but Borders is supporting that decision with another program: The chain will promote summer reading for kids through a book drive. Customers at Borders and Waldenbooks stores will be asked to buy books that will be donated to non-profit organizations across the nation, including Lighthouse Rescue Mission, Boys and Girls Clubs and libraries.

This program is good on a number of levels: Borders gets the revenue, most likely a little extra than customers had planned to spend, which will keep the chain in business selling our books. Kids all over the nation will get access to books they might not otherwise be able to see. And the publishing industry will get new readers, who will hopefully continue to enjoy books for the rest of their lives.

So, go to Borders, buy something for yourself and your friends and family, and while you’re there, don’t wait for them to ask if you’d like to donate a book, choose one and give it to them. If you get in there before the program has started, buy the book anyway and donate it to a local charity. You’ll be thanked in so many ways.

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