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A late Community Story post today. Been busy, but I’ll have more for you tomorrow on my query letter journey. Now, let’s get right to the Community Story.

No one ventured into the Community Story waters last week, so I’ll just post my next addition.

If you’re new to the Day By Day Writer Community Story, click here for the full story so far. It was started by readers voting on a number of story starts, also submitted by readers. Every Monday I post a new addition, and throughout the week, readers can add what they think should be next in a comment post.

Without further ado, here’s the most recent bits and this week’s new addition.

Bonnie tried to speak, but her throat was dry.

What did this woman want? It had been 13 years since Bonnie had escaped, 13 years since she discovered her so called “cause” wasn’t anything more than an excuse for blood-hungry psycopaths to murder and pillage.

Bonnie gulped. It was so hard to believe she had been part of those horrors. She never regretted leaving. She never regretted telling the police. But then again, she never thought they’d find her again.

Now she had one choice, pretend she wasn’t the whistleblower that broke apart their criminal organization and go along with whatever plans they have in store for her, or resist. She knew her Star Trek well, and although these people weren’t the Borg, Bonnie figured option number 1 was best — for now.

“S’pose you want some water,” the voice said, thrusting a Heinz tomato sauce can in Bonnie’s face. “I rinsed it out first. Don’t have any proper cups.”

Bonnie took it and gulped the water, immediately feeling better. She handed the can back to the woman with a nod for more.

“Good thing we found you,” the woman said. “Gecko’s guys were right on your tail, and they won’t be nearly as forgiving as we will be.”

The woman refilled the can, and Bonnie drank again, feeling her energy returning with every drop.

She looked around. The only door was behind the woman, and the grimy windows were too high and too small for her to crawl through. She wondered where she was. She knew asking would be a waste of time, but she decided to try it anyway.

“Where am I?” she asked, her voice still cracking.

“Over the rainbow,” the woman said. She grinned, revealing yellowed teeth with a gap where one was missing at the front. “They’ll be here soon. Relax. They’ve all missed you.”

What’s next? You decide. Post the next part as a comment and it will be included in the full story next Monday.

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