Thankful for writing

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you’re celebrating.

Although eating lots of turkey and stuffing, etc., is a good enough reason by itself to have Thanksgiving, I particularly like the spirit of being thankful.

This year, more than ever, I’m grateful for writing. I’m grateful for the worlds I get to visit, the characters I come to know, the fun I have inventing and creating, the joy of a great turn of phrase. I’m grateful for the enjoyment writing gives me.

I’m also grateful for other writers, those who I’ve met on blogs, both who leave comments on mine and who write blogs of their own. Writers I’ve met through the Society of Childrens Book Writers & Illustrators. And the writers who have gone before me, carved out paths to publication and given me fantastic books that I can not only delight in reading, but also learn from. Some of my favorites right now: the books of Terry Pratchett, Suzanne Collins, Rick Riordan, Michael Buckley

And, of course, I’m grateful for my husband, family and friends who continually encourage me.

What are you thankful for?

Write On!

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