What do you do with your critique pages?

Revision update: Moving along smoothly. Having been at it for a couple days now, I’m enjoying being back in the story with the characters. On chapter 8 out of 29.

Doing this revision, I’m going through the stacks of notes from critique group sessions and my own notes on the print out of the entire manuscript and I’m feeling decidedly un-green.

Revising does take up a lot of paper — I just bought a box of 2,500 sheets as it was a lot cheaper in the long-run and I knew I’d go through it quite quickly, what with a 200-page novel and critique group sessions every two weeks using five copies of five pages.

But when I think about recycling these pages filled with the scribbled notes from me and others, I feel a tug in my heart that says, “No, don’t!”

I’ve still got a big stack of note-filled pages from my first novel under my desk. If I keep this up, I’m going to be in trouble after a few books. And yet, I’m reluctant to throw these out.

Is it nostalgia, am I a hoarder, or is this normal writer behavior toward their own words?

What do you do with your critiqued pages?

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