A New PB, MG & YA All From Austin

We have a really amazing kidlit community in Austin, and there’s no better example of that than today. This is the birthday of a picture book, middle grade and young adult book from Austin authors. And while the books are all great, the authors themselves are even more so.

So I couldn’t be more excited to introduce you to these brand new wonderful books and the people behind them.

Whobert Whover, Owl Detective by Jason GallaherPICTURE BOOK: WHOBERT WHOVER, OWL DETECTIVE

What’s not to love about this title? This funny picture book features the so cute Whobert Whover, Owl Detective who solves all the mysteries in his woods. Including the case of Perry the Possum, who could’ve been whacked by Debbie the Duck or soaked by Freddie the Frog. Never fear, though, Whobert will get to the bottom of it.

The book is written by my friend and local Austin author Jason Gallaher and illustrated by Jess Pauwels. This is Jason’s debut book! And I know it’s just the first we’ll see from him.

Princesses, Inc. by Mari MancusiMIDDLE GRADE: PRINCESSES, INC.

Austin author Mari Mancusi is no stranger to readers, as she’s the author of numerous books for young adults, including the SCORCHED series.

In PRINCESSES, INC., Mari spins a middle-grade story about a group of girls who start a costume babysitting service to raise enough money to see their favorite YouTube star and swoon-worthy crush, Collin Prince, at a local Comic-Con. Naturally, babysitting isn’t as easy as they thought it would be, even when they’re dressed up as pirates.


This novel is close to my heart because I read it when Austin author Cory Putman Oakes was writing it and I fell in love. Con artists, magic and mysterious towns?! This book is so much fun.

WITCHTOWN follows Macie O’Sullivan and her mother Aubra as they arrive in the infamous witch haven with plans to rob it. But when they dig into the town’s history to formulate their plan, Macie discovers something much more powerful than money—secrets.

Jason, Mari and Cory are all members of the Austin chapter of SCBWI. Congratulatons to them. I can’t wait to read these book (and re-read WITCHTOWN).

What do you think?