Book Birthday Bash: Strange Days

Book Birthday Bash


STRANGE DAYS by Constantine SingerHappy Book Birthday to STRANGE DAYS!

In this young adult novel, Alex Mata doesn’t want to worry about rumors of alien incursions – he’d rather just skate and tag and play guitar. But when he comes home to find an alien has murdered his parents, he’s forced to confront a new reality: Aliens are real, his parents are dead, and nobody will believe him if he says what he saw. On the run, Alex finds himself led to the compound of tech guru Jeffrey Sabazios, the only public figure who stands firm in his belief that aliens are coming.

At Sabazios’ invitation, Alex becomes a “Witness”—one of a special group of teens gifted with an ability that could save the Earth: they can glide through time and witness futures. When a Witness sees a future it guarantees that it will happen the way it’s been seen, making their work humanity’s best hope for controlling what happens next and stopping the alien threat. Guided by Sabazios, befriended by his fellow time travelers, and maybe even falling in love, Alex begins to find a new home at the compound — until a rogue glide shows him the dangerous truth about his new situation.

Now in a race against time, Alex must make a terrible choice: save the people he loves or save the world instead.

We’re so happy you’re at our party for STRANGE DAYS. Join in the fun…


It’s a strange mix, to be sure. Part latin hip-hop, part Mexican dance and trance, part heavy metal, part oldies. Right now it’s the Platters, but they were playing Nortec Collective a minute ago.

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We’re almost out of Pupusas because the lady at the propane grill isn’t keeping up, but there’s still plenty of tamales, and the taco guy is killing it with the al pastor.


Games? There’s a Madden tournament in the TV room and there’s some dudes running rook at the pool table, but mostly we’re just chillin.


Everyone here’s getting a new Live-Tech. It’s pretty lit.

Constantine Singer -- Photo: Kizziah Singer

Constantine Singer — Photo: Kizziah Singer

STRANGE DAYS is written by Constantine Singer and published by Putnam/Penguin Teen. You can buy this book at the retailers below…

Constantine Singer is a teacher, a writer, a dad-joker, a displaced Seattleite and an Angeleno at heart. He lives in Echo Park, teaches in South LA, and loves his wife and kid. Find him on InstagramFacebookTwitter @ajaxsinger and web at

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