What Are the Gemstone Dragons?

If you’ve never heard of a Gemstone Dragon, or think they’re just mythical creatures from the Dungeons and Dragons game, then you haven’t seen my new Gemstone Dragons book series!

What is a Gemstone Dragon?

A Gemstone Dragon is a magical creature with awesome powers! Each Gemstone Dragon has a gem on their chest that gives them a unique magical power. For example, Opal’s gem gives her the power of invisibility and making things disappear. Ruby’s gem gives her the power to control fire. But the greatest power of all the Gemstone Dragons is friendship.

Gemstone Dragon Opal, Illusration by Janelle Anderson

Gemstone Dragon Opal, Illustration by Janelle Anderson

What do Gemstone Dragons look like?

Gemstone Dragons are covered in scales from head to toe that are the color of their gem, from fiery red for Ruby and opalescent for Opal. The dragons have a tail, four limbs and two powerful wings that help them fly. They each have a gem on their chest in a shape related its power. And each Gemstone Dragon has different flourishes on their head, spine and the end of their tail. One of the Gemstone Dragons, Amber, has a limb difference in that one of her arms is shorter than the others. Each dragon is unique and wonderful.

Gemstone Dragon Ruby, Illustration by Janelle Anderson

Gemstone Dragon Ruby, Illustration by Janelle Anderson

Where do Gemstone Dragons live?

The Gemstone Dragons live in Sparkle Cave inside of Mineral Mountain on the edge of Gemstone Valley. In Sparkle Cave, each Gemstone Dragon has their own bedcave. Plus they have a kitchen where they make all their food and Shimmering Hall where they gather together. At the end of Shimmering Hall, all the gems of the dragons are embedded in the cave wall and let in the light from outside. The embedded gems are in the shape of a Gemstone Dragon. When a new Gemstone Dragon hatches, their gem is magically added to the Gemstone Dragon image in Shimmering Hall, connecting them with all the other Gemstone Dragons. The Gemstone Dragons protect all the other magical creatures who live in Gemstone Valley too, including unicorns, gnomes, goblins and fairies.

Gemstone Dragons Shimmering Hall dragon

An image of a Gemstone Dragon made from all the gems of the dragons is embedded into the far wall of Shimmering Hall in Sparkle Cave. Illustration by Janelle Anderson

What is a gemstone?

A gemstone is a mineral crystal. Gemstones come in many different shapes, sizes, and colors, just like the dragons themselves. Throughout history, gems have been thought to help people with different things, like health, love and wealth. Traditionally, each month has a birthstone, meant to give luck to the people who were born in that month. For example, if you were born in October, your birthstone is opal.

What do Gemstone Dragons eat?

The Gemstone Dragons eat lots of fruits and vegetables just like we do, but they also eat something else that helps to feed their gemstone power: crystals! The Gemstone Dragons grow fields of crystal plants on the side of Mineral Mountain. If they didn’t have the crystals, their powers would get weak.

What are the Gemstone Dragons books?

Each of the Gemstone Dragons books tells a story that stars one of the Gemstone Dragons. In book 1, Opal has been invited to give the Friendship Festival speech, but she knows she can’t do it! But when a problem with the crystal fields threatens the festival, Opal discovers that she might just be the right speaker afterall. In book 2, Ruby wants to do perfect tricks with her gemstone power, like the other Gemstone Dragons, but she’s having difficulties controlling her fire power. But when she accidentally causes a fire that makes unifoal Canterlope get lost, Ruby has to try to save her friend. After you’ve read these, look for more Gemstone Dragon stories to come.

Can I have a dragon power?

The Gemstone Dragons have magical gemstone powers that they get from the gem in their chest, but they’re best dragon power is their friendship. You have a dragon power too! Do you have a talent? Are you kind and thoughtful? Do you get lots of ideas? Any of these could be your dragon power. Ask yourself these questions:

  • What am I good at?
  • What am I passionate about?
  • What do I like to do?

The answers to one or more of these could be your dragon power. Once you know what your dragon power is, put it on a dragon power sticker like the one below and display it proudly. You can get dragon power stickers by contacting me here and I’ll mail you some. To get them faster, click here to download a printable sheet. Just get some blank 2-inch x 4-inch horizontal labels and print the sheet onto it. For best results, print in “Actual Size.”

My Dragon Power Is... sticker

My Dragon Power Is… sticker

Tell me what your dragon power is in the comments! The Gemstone Dragons and I love to hear about dragon powers.


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