Book Birthday Bash: RAD!

  Happy Book Birthday to RAD! In this picture book, Esther, Chester, Hester, and Sylvester are stoked to shred at the skate park! But unlike his daring brothers and sisters, Lester is a total fraidy-cat. Skateboarding doesn’t come easily to him—and with only nine lives to spare, why should he risk one on the half-pipe?…
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Book Birthday Bash: Homer’s Excellent Adventure

  Happy Book Birthday to HOMER’S EXCELLENT ADVENTURE! This middle-grade novel is like Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure meets The Odyssey. Homer is about to fail out of school unless he can come up with a story. An epic story. Oh, and it needs to be written in Dactylic Hexameter. No big deal . .…
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Book Birthday Bash: Rewritten

  Happy Book Birthday to REWRITTEN! In this middle-grade novel, twelve-year-old Gracie has learned the truth about her own fairy tale. She now wants nothing more than to move past the terrible things author Gertrude Winters wrote about her and begin a new chapter in the real world. If only things were going as planned.…
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Book Birthday Bash: The Derby Daredevils: Kenzie Kickstarts a Team

  Happy Book Birthday to THE DERBY DAREDEVILS: KENZIE KICKSTARTS A TEAM! Introducing THE DERBY DAREDEVILS: KENZIE KICKSTARTS A TEAM, the first in a highly illustrated middle grade series that celebrates new friendships, first crushes, and getting out of your comfort zone! Kenzie and Shelly have been best friends for as long as they can…
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Book Birthday Bash: My Life As A Potato

  Happy Book Birthday to MY LIFE AS A POTATO! In this middle-grade novel, Ben Hardy believes he’s cursed by potatoes. And now he’s moved to Idaho, where the school’s mascot is Steve the Spud! Yeah, this cannot be good. After accidentally causing the mascot to sprain an ankle, Ben is sentenced to Spud duty…
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Book Birthday Bash: Blue Skies

  Happy Book Birthday to BLUE SKIES! This middle-grade novel is the heartwarming story of ten-year old Glory Bea Bennett, who has never given up hope that her daddy will return from WWII. So when the Merci Train boxcar, filled with gifts of thanks from France, is scheduled to make an unexpected stop in her…
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Book Birthday Bash: Spellhacker

  Happy Book Birthday to SPELLHACKER! From the author of THE DISASTERS, this genre-bending young adult fantasy heist story is perfect for fans of Marie Lu and Amie Kaufman. In Kyrkarta, magic—known as maz—was once a freely available natural resource. Then an earthquake released a magical plague, killing thousands and opening the door for a…
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Book Birthday Bash: Three Things I Know Are True

  Happy Book Birthday to THREE THINGS I KNOW ARE TRUE! In this debut young adult novel in verse exploring grief and the power of forgiveness, a teenage girl deals with the aftermath of an accident that nearly takes her brother’s life. The reminder is always there— a dent on the right side of Jonah’s…
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Kidlit Auction for Books of Wonder

Beloved New York City children’s bookstore Books of Wonder needs our help! Get details on the store’s Go Fund Me page. Support this independent bookstore and help yourself at the same time! Click on a donation below to bid: [usp_display_posts category=”bow-critique”]  

Critique of Full MG or YA Manuscript

I’m donating a full manuscript critique of a middle-grade or young adult novel. The winner will get detailed editorial notes to take your novel to the next level. The manuscript must be delivered in Word and formatted to industry standards. Turnaround time will be within two months of delivery. You have until the end of…
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