Day by day

Got up a little late this morning, at 7am instead of 6 because my tired brain didn’t even register that the alarm was going off until 6:30. But, despite the late start, I managed to whip out four pages before my husband got up.
Some days, the words flow, the story zips along at the tips of your fingers, the characters chatting away inside your head. That was this morning. Thank you, God! 🙂
Yesterday, not so much.
Yesterday I got up at 6, but barely got a page written, and what I did write felt like I had to drag it kicking and screaming out of my head. No doubt it will get cut when I start the rewrite.
But it was still important that I did that page yesterday. It helped me get to the four pages today.
A lot of people give the advice to write every day, or else you start to lose the story. I definitely think there’s something in that advice. Speaking as someone who has gone for periods when I don’t write, jumping back in is much more difficult than when I have a steady stream of writing days. Even if some days don’t yield gold, that’s ok, the story is percolating, the characters finding their way. And that’s much more important then word count.
Tell us how you’re doing with your projects. We’re all in this together.
Write On!

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  1. Layne says:

    This is SO true. I tend to go long periods of time without writing and it is MUCH harder to get back into it once I do that. Your blog is inspiring me. Who knows? Maybe I’ll even get back on a schedule!

  2. Thanks, Layne. Yes, get back on a schedule. You can make the time. It is inevitable that you will, because te characters in your head will eventually demand that you get their story down, and you won’t be able to ignore them. Good luck and Write On!

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