Keeping time

A wonky hose ate into my writing time this morning. I had to water the garden before the sun came up too high (want to avoid as much evaporation as possible) and it took longer than it should because the new hose we bought wouldn’t accept the sprinkler.

But I had gotten up earlier than usual to get that done, so I did still make it in front of my computer to write.

Unfortunately, it was one of those days when the words weren’t flowing as much as they could be. Perhaps it was the distracting hose, perhaps that I was tired, or perhaps because on Sunday, I didn’t manage to get any writing done. One day off, and I feel like I’m dragging.

What to do? Stay there, in front of the computer or notebook. Don’t be seduced by the easier, “Let me just check my email,” as I was once (I got an email that Tom Colvin had put a lovely comment on my last post). Don’t be seduced by, “Did I put enough water on the roses?” and don’t be seduced by, “I’ll just go and have breakfast and try writing again later.”

Email, chores, even breakfast, are always there. Make time for them — but not in your writing time. Designate an hour, two hours, whatever works for you, for writing, and make sure that time is only for writing.

Despite the lazy part of my brain telling me, “see who’s on JacketFlap now,” I resisted and managed to tap out a page.

What tries to seduce you away from your writing time?

Write On!


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  1. leafless says:

    What seduces me away from my writing time?

    Reading, jogging, gardening, & having fun. 🙂

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