In today’s Writer’s Market enewsletter, readers talked about how well — or not — they are keeping up with their 2008 goals, and one reader offered up what I think is a pretty good idea. (Click here to see the web version of the enewsletter.)

Thank you Dawn Herring for her idea of setting up a goals calendar. In her monthly calendar, Dawn records her progress each day so she can see how well she is doing toward her full 2008 year. That way, she won’t have that “Holy crap! It’s June and I’m no where near where I want to be” feeling.

Dawn says the calendar also keeps her motivated on the target. Sounds like a winner to me.

A couple months ago, I set a goal that by the end of June I will be finished with the first draft of my middle-grade novel and done with all the drawings for the Sir Newton’s Color Me Florida book. I think both of those are still doable, as long as I keep moving.

The reason behind Dawn’s calendar is part of the reason I started this blog: to keep me on track, accountable. And it does, somewhat, provide me with a record of how I’m doing. So far, this blog has helped me to keep writing, knowing I have to post messages on how well I’m doing.

You can use this blog for the same reason too. As I post how I’m doing with my goals, you can post how you’re doing and we’ll keep each other on track.

If you’d prefer something more visual, try Dawn’s calendar idea. Thanks, Dawn.

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