Streaming or kinked

I’m still having ups and downs with my climactic scene, but yesterday, I felt as thought I had a bit of a break-through.

Every so often, you run into a section of whatever you’re writing that you don’t feel as well as other sections. It’s more difficult to get your head around, more difficult to capture the emotion and more difficult to get down on paper. For the story/article/whatever, you know what has to be done, but just because you know it doesn’t make it any easier to do.

That’s where I am with this chapter.

As I mentioned in the “Believe in Yourself” post, on Wednesday, I wrote a sentence, then on Thursday, I followed it up with four pages.  On Friday, I hoped for more of the same, but only got to half a page before I was seduced by “What’s the weather going to be like today?” and then “What else is on my iGoogle page?”

But yesterday, it was back, along with another surprise. Yesterday, I started slowly, but then my brain suddenly kicked into gear and the whole chapter, the whole climactic scene made sense. I realized where I had been going wrong and revised accordingly, then I moved on from there. By the time I stopped, I had steamed ahead eight pages.

Sometimes the characters aren’t talking as clearly as other times, perhaps the section of the story isn’t quite percolated enough, but don’t let that stop you. Whether words are streaming onto the page like Niagara Falls or trickling as though out of a kinked hose, keep writing. On the kinked-hose days, the story will help you get unkinked, it just might take a few days.

How is your writing coming? Are you streaming or kinked?

Write On!


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