Back on track

I’m always saying that it’s best to write every day, because if you don’t, you can lose where you were in the story. But a break can sometimes do you good too.

After Hurrican Ike went through here and we lost power for a week, getting back to writing, to waking up early every morning and plopping myself in front of the computer, was hard. I only just started this week, and I’m kind of dragging. But there was a silver lining.

To familiarize myself with where I was in the story, I went back a couple of chapters and started editing from there. The interesting thing was that, in one chapter that I had already edited, I found new ways of doing things, new things to talk about and a new and improved way to end the chapter.

Sometimes a break can do good, help to replenish your creative pool so you can dig deeper and write the best version of your story.

After the break, however, the important thing is to return to your writing so you can use that new creative pool.

What do you think?