Day 27

And I’m back on track! As promised, for the much belated day 27 of my unofficial participation in National Novel Writing Month, I got up early and finished my outline/timeline.

That exercise has proved priceless. I now have a plan for the plot points that I was stumbling over. And I found solutions to a lot of things that kept niggling at me (such as action from a prologue that I had cut, I’ve finally figured out how to get it back in). Cutting all the plot points in the story down to one sentence really helped me see the flow of the whole story, something I was having a lot of trouble with in my edit of each individual chapter.

After I finished the outline/timeline, I started my revisions. Now it’s back to the hard part: reworking the flow I’ve already got in individual chapters to include new plot points. But it’ll be worth it in the end.

Also, I’ve posted a few times about how important it is to buy books, especially now because of the state of the publishing industry. On her blog, children’s book author Jill Corcoran has given a bunch of links to other articles to let us know that not all is doom and gloom. I also read recently (sorry, can’t remember where) that the thing us writers need to remember is that, publishers are in the business of selling books, and despite the down economy, books are still selling and publishers still need more good books to sell. That’s the good news. Of course, because of the state of the industry, publishers might be more picky about the books they pick up, but that just means we have to make our books that much more perfect. No problem! 🙂

How’s your writing coming? Got any good state of the industry links to share?

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