Resolutions and goals

A belated Merry Christmas! I hope it was wonderful for all. Mine was. This time of year always seems so magical to me. I love it. And when it’s over, there’s that twinge of sadness, knowing I have to wait another year for Christmas again.

But, then the sadness goes away when I think of all the things I want to accomplish before next Christmas rolls around.

I came to my computer this morning with that thought in mind. I haven’t written the last couple days. And the only time I’ve spent on my computer was to call overseas relatives on Skype. But last night, my novel crept into my mind and kicked up the dust, letting me know all the things I need to do and filling me excitement to get back to it.

Then this morning, when I switched on my computer, I saw J.A. Konrath had posted Resolutions for Writers 2009 on his A Newbie’s Guide to Publishing blog. I read through it — postponing my writing — and felt even more inspired when I saw these notes: “I Will Feed My Addiction,” saying that if you want to get published and stay published, make writing your priority, and “I Will Abandon My Comfort Zone,” in which he says “the only difference between routine and rut is spelling” and encourages us to take chances. There are more, but you can read the whole post here.

So, here are my resolutions and goals for 2009:

  • I will make my novel the best that it can be and submit it to agents
  • I will publish the third Sir Newton book
  • I will do more to promote all the Sir Newton books
  • I will write on this blog at least twice a week, but preferably daily
  • I will finish the other story I started in National Novel Writing Month
  • I will NOT let time pass me by
  • I will write every day
  • I will NOT let doubt stop me away from writing
  • I will go to my critique group every meeting if possible
  • I will NOT let email, the Internet, TV, ____________ fill in the blank, tempt me to procrastinate
  • I will make writing a priority

All of that said, I will now follow the last line of Konrath’s post: “Quit reading blogs and get some writing done”

What are your resolutions and goals for next year?

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  1. Bronwyn says:

    I’ve never been sure whether the desire to write/ the nag that sometimes stops me enjoying the present diversion, is a curse or a blessing. But one thing I do know – if we do respond to the tyrant and write, being honest, stepping away from the inner critic and allowing ourselves to write our way into problems is important. You never know how to get out of a pickle until you are in one, and somehow your wiser self provides the breadcrumbs and the scarecrow to chase all those would be bird bread-stealers away, and you can find your way out of the forest. Truly a mystery. Maybe i’m raving a bit. All that Christmas sun and food and drink. Resolutions for 2009

    1. Re-write. Re-write and then some more. Send in the best version.
    2. Write the thing I truly want to.
    3. Stop feeling guilty about the time I spend on writing.
    4. Get fit (I’m kidding)

    Good site by the way I’ve just found it.

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