Community Story — part 3

As promised, here’s the next installment of the Community Story. No one was brave enough to add a continuation last week, so you’re getting another one from me.

But, first, congrats to local (local to me, at least) first-time author Jenny Moss, whose debut novel, a middle-grade book called Winnie’s War, is apparently getting rave reviews. The book will be out Feb. 3, and Moss is doing a book launch at our local Barnes & Noble on Feb. 7. Good luck to her. It’s wonderful to hear about new authors getting their books into shelves.

And now for the Community Story. The first paragraph is from last week, with my addition below. Add your ideas for the next sentence or paragraph in the comments:

Bonnie’s eyes flickered open as she laid on her back looking up at the sky. She caught a brief glimpse of a person moving away from a ledge 30 feet above her. Slightly dazed, she was not sure if she had fallen or been pushed, but what she did know was that her back was hurt and her head was throbbing from her fall. She lifted her right hand to her head. Wet. She was bleeding, and it didn’t feel like a cut that could be patched up with a Band Aid. It would have to wait, though. She could hear footsteps, and they were getting closer and more urgent.

Wincing against the pain that now radiated from her back as well as her head, Bonnie eased herself up to a sitting position and surveyed her surroundings. She had landed on a patch of soft grass nestled between two rock faces, and to her right was what looked like a drop off. She tried to stand, careful not to make any noise. But as her elbow buckled in pain, her hand knocked a small rock over the edge. She froze, waiting for the sound of the crash to alert the other people. But when no noise came, she looked over the edge and her head began to spin. The drop off was at least a hundred feet, ending in white caps of a rushing river.

Now it’s your turn. Add the next sentence or paragraph in the comments and check in next Monday for the next installment.

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