Community Story — Let’s go!

Ok, so I know I said I was going to start this last week, but work took over once again and left me with a bit of a cold. No problem, though. There’s nothing like the present to start having some fun.

Congratulations to Shane whose Community Story beginning got the most votes.

A quick rundown again of the idea — rules, if you want — behind the Community Story: Today, I’ll post Shane’s beginning and I’ll add to it. In the comments, you can post another part — either a sentence, a word or a paragraph — on a first come, first serve basis. So, before you add your offering, read any comments for their additions, then add your own comment so the story continues from the last comment. Every Monday — I promise, I’ll try — I’ll post the story so far, including the comments, and the story will go on.

 Here’s the beginning again, plus my addition:

Bonnie’s eyes flickered open as she laid on her back looking up at the sky. She caught a brief glimpse of a person moving away from a ledge 30 feet above her. Slightly dazed, she was not sure if she had fallen or been pushed, but what she did know was that her back was hurt and her head was throbbing from her fall.

She lifted her right hand to her head. Wet. She was bleeding, and it didn’t feel like a cut that could be patched up with a Band Aid. It would have to wait, though. She could hear footsteps, and they were getting closer and more urgent.

The game is on! What will happen to Bonnie next? Are the footsteps friend or foe? Will she escape? What will she do? You decide. Post the next intallment in the comments.

Have fun, and Write On!


What do you think?