Editing out loud

I had often heard the advice of reading your writing out loud to truly hear the rhythms. I totally understood this for picture books and dialog for screenplays, but I’ve never felt the need in anything else I’ve written (unless I was trying to focus in the middle of lots of noise). But revising my novel, I decided to try it, mostly because I write so early in the morning and I often feel half asleep.

But reading my writing out loud has become an invaluable tool in my editing. I find that I catch grammatical errors I glossed over before, duplicate uses of words that I hadn’t noticed and sentences that run on with unnecessary words.

Reading out loud isn’t the first step in my editing. It’s my last, and for me, that works the best. As I go through each chapter now, I have a plan: First, I go through each sentence and paragraph doing my usual edits, changing anything I see that could be better. Sometimes I go through the chapter a couple times until I’m happy with it. This is all my head.

Then I go through the chapter again but this time reading it out loud. I’m always amazed at the things I missed the first few go arounds. Mouthing out the words seems to make my brain focus more on the words, and I can more easily pick up sections that don’t read well. I’ve even found spelling errors while reading aloud that I missed when reading in my head.

Have you tried editing out loud?

What’s your favorite way to edit?

Write On!

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