Community Story update

A little late on the update today, but here goes.

If you haven’t been following our Community Story, you can find the whole story to date by clicking on the Community Story page link on the left on the Day By Day Writer home page.

For those of you following along, here’s last week’s addition plus a new one from me this week. Don’t leave without joining in the fun. Post a comment with what you think the next word, sentence, paragraph should be.

Bonnie tried to speak, but her throat was dry.

What did this woman want? It had been 13 years since Bonnie had escaped, 13 years since she discovered her so called “cause” wasn’t anything more than an excuse for blood-hungry psycopaths to murder and pillage.

Bonnie gulped. It was so hard to believe she had been part of those horrors. She never regretted leaving. She never regretted telling the police. But then again, she never thought they’d find her again.

Now she had one choice, pretend she wasn’t the whistleblower that broke apart their criminal organization and go along with whatever plans they have in store for her, or resist. She knew her Star Trek well, and although these people weren’t the Borg, Bonnie figured option number 1 was best — for now.

Your turn! Post what’s next and we’ll continue the fun next Monday.

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