Quick check in

Not much time today, so just a quick check in word count post. Here’s the details:

Current word count: 10,120

Words written today: 376

Words to goal: 29,880/ 343 words a day til end of September

This weekend I also figured out the rest of the story and wrote out a rough layout for all the action. It hasn’t been separated into chapters yet, just this happens, then this, then this… It’s a big help and gives me more confidence when I sit down to write. I think it definitely makes it easier to have at least a rough guideline to follow.

How are your manuscripts coming?

Write On!


2 Responses

  1. Casey says:

    You’re doing a great job getting something written every day!

    I haven’t made much progress. Not on a large scale anyway. I wanted a fresh opinion on something in my first chapter before continuing (something that directs the plot) so yesterday I spent all my writing time tweaking it to hand it over for someone to read and then tweaked it more when I got it back. I’m hoping to make some good progress today though!

  2. Thanks, Casey! I’ve missed a few days with this WIP, but when I don’t miss a day, the words seem to flow so much easier when I sit down at the computer in the morning.

    When you’re revising, it can seem as though you’re not progressing too much, but you are. Sometimes it takes one little thing to be figured out for everything else to fall into place. Also, in revisions, it’s about making everything the best it can be, and I think that takes a lot more work than writing the first draft. The first draft is basically vomiting on the page, and hopefully that vomit looks somewhat edible. Ok, that’s gross. 🙂

    Keep it up!

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