Never feel alone as a writer

Current word count: 22,588

New words written: 729

Words til goal: 17,412 / 415 words a day til the end of September

Another good writing day. I’m waiting the well to dry up! hahaha Hopefully, not til I’m done.

Writing is very solitary work. It’s just you, a computer or notebook and your story in your head. It’s great to have others that you can bounce ideas off of, but, sometimes that can be difficult as everybody has their own lives and no one else is as obsessed about our book as we are. 🙂

But as much as we’re the only one who can actually write our story, we are not alone as writers, and that has never been more clear to me than yesterday when I was catching up on some blog reading. We have friends on the blogosphere who are going through the exact things we are going through.

In blogs online, writers are talking about their experiences from all different levels, like Will (21st Century Paperback Writer blog), who posted a comment on my blog post yesterday and is a long-time reader who’s currently outlining his first novel; Brit (Dream the Dream blog), who’s currently working on her first novel; Katie Anderson (Plot This blog with Sarah Francis Hardy), who like me has written and revised her novel and is seeking an agent; Beverly (Prana Island of Witches blog), who has just signed with an agent; and Shelli (Market My Words blog), who has a number of books already in the market.

In the blogosphere, we’re not alone, no matter where we are on the writing road. And no matter what, we can always find help, comfort and encouragment in the experiences of others.

So, build up a set of go-to blogs, keep adding to the list whenever you find new ones, and anytime you feel alone, start browsing and reading. We’re all going through the same things in front of our computers.

And if you ever feel like you need help with anything, I think I speak for all bloggers by saying, just reach out. Post a comment saying what you’re feeling. You won’t be alone.

If you want help in setting up a go-to set of blogs, check out the ones listed on the right. And if you’ve got favorites you think I should add, post them in the comments.

Write On!

6 Responses

  1. I enjoyed reading this – writing can be very isolating and it helps to build a community. Thanks for your comment on my blog – how nice to discover yours!

  2. I enjoyed this, too! It’s definitely been encouraging to connect with other writers in the blogging world. I’m only in my second draft of my first novel, though it has been neat to connect with those farther along and with those just beginning. I feel I have a lot to learn from those way down the road, and a little bit of encouragement to offer to the ones who don’t yet believe they can do it. It’s been a great experience so far! Thanks for the links to your friends’ blogs, I look forward to checking them out after I get some work done!

  3. shelli says:

    its so true. Its an easy way to connect.

  4. Your’s too, Peggy.

    Glad you all enjoyed this post.

  5. Mindy says:

    I found this blog post by pure accident (and even noticed you posted it on my birthday this year hehe) and I really like this post quite a lot. I find it’s hard trying to make it as a writer with people around me who has no interest in writing at all. It’s very hard in the real world but I do find comfort with the online friends I have made over the years who have the same interest as me. Thanks again for the post!

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