It’s Blog Action Day!

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Today I’m blogging as part of Blog Action Day, along with more than 5,000 bloggers around the world. How fun! The topic is climate change.

Now, I’m no scientist, and there are plenty of studies floating around that say the world’s climate is changing because of our negligence and plenty of others that say the climate change we’re seeing is just part of the ups and downs that have brought ice ages to the planet long before we got here. So, what to believe? Are our smoggy cars, polluting factories, etc., slowly destroying our planet?

Well, here’s the way I see it: Does it make a difference? Climates are changing, but whether it’s from pollution or not, there is something we know for sure that pollution gives us — lung problems. Too much bad stuff in the air causes more asthma and other diseases, and we don’t need any more of that — especially with the cost of health care. 🙂

Now, this is a writing blog, so here’s the writing part. In most books, the nice parts of stories take place in areas with lots of trees, green grass, clean air and the people are happy and smiling. (Look at all those allergy commercials.) Horror stories happen in drab, rundown factories or buildings with rain pouring outside. Ok, this is a generalization, but I hope you’re getting my point. Nice = green and clean, bad = polluted and rundown.

That’s not to say I think we should all sells our cars and not use electricity. My husband’s a Mustang fan, and I don’t think they’ll be selling them as hybrids any time soon. But that’s ok. The important thing is that we do what we can to reduce our impact. And, I think it’s very important for corporations to do EVERYTHING they can. Per capita, they have a lot more of an impact then us individuals.

Anyway, I for one, will be looking forward to more blue skies and clean air in books and real life.

Write On!

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