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Revision update: I’ve been sick all week, so nothing done. Very frustrating.

This is my first writing for the week, thanks to a fast-acting yucky cold. I did a little revising last night as I couldn’t sleep — a byproduct of sleeping most of the day for the last three days — but other than that, I’ve done nada, and it’s bothering me. Today, I am feeling a bit better, but those few days away from my book have worked on my insecurities, and I’m feeling a little apprehensive about getting back to it. Nothing that jumping into the deep end won’t fix, but I figured I’d do this post first.

Given my lack of inspiration right now, I thought it was fitting that I found in one of the Yahoo groups I follow a link to Jennifer Blanchard‘s blog post 43 Most Inspiring Writing Advice Posts of 2009. (Thanks, Greg P., for the heads up.) Procrastinating Writers blog founder Jennifer Blanchard compiled the most inspiring blog posts she read over the year and shared them. I have a few favorites from her list (but check out the whole list, because you’ll probably find more that speak to you):

Seven Productivity Tips: This was probably my favorite blog post because it’s stuff I haven’t really thought about before, but it’s good, get-your-butt-in-gear stuff.

Learning to Accept Responsibility for Yourself: This is another great one, because so often, we use other things as excuses for why we didn’t write, but it still comes down to our choice.

You Won’t Break Into the Business By Imitating Other Writers: This is a writing post as opposed to a make-the-time-to-write post, but it’s all great advice.

Why You Shouldn’t Wait for Inspiration: This one follows posts I’ve written here on DayByDayWriter about making time to write consistantly.

How to Defeat Burnout and Stay Motivated: I tend to push myself hard and take on a lot, so I liked this one as a reminder that it’s ok to take it slow.

Get Rid of “Should” Once and For All: This is another great one, because we all have the tendency to say “I should be writing” too much. I know I do. And when I do, I don’t feel good about it. I feel much better when I can say, “I have written.”

What’s inspiring you today?

Now, on to my revision…

Write On!

P.S. How do you like my snow?

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  1. Thanks so much for the link – will definitely have to check this out.

  2. Iapetus999 says:

    I’ve been sick too. Revisions are hard when you’re sick.
    I have a revision schedule and now I’m behind. It’s a new system and I have no idea if I’m doing it “right”.

  3. You’re welcome, Cassandra. I’ve added those blogs to my Google reader.

    Iapetus999, ugg, being sick is the worst, isn’t it? Sorry to hear you’re sick too and behind on your schedule, but don’t worry about it. Take your time. Good luck with your new system. I don’t think there’s is any one “right” way of revising. It’s whatever works for you, as long as you hit on all the points you want to fix in your manuscript and you open yourself up to see the good and bad. I’ll have to keep an eye on your blog to see if you write about it.

  4. KevinFitz113 says:

    Yay Snow!!

  5. Ha! Glad you like the snow, Kevin. Actually, it’s thanks to WordPress, but I thought it was nifty. Yay snow!

  6. Snow, cute! That’s the kind I like to see, and living in SoCal, it’s the only kind I see.

    On your last point, getting rid of “should”–I’d like to see that word mostly eliminated from all talk about writing. So many pundits proclaim what writers “should” do (or what people should think or feel!). The only legitimate one in my book is that writers should write.

    Have a merry and a happy!
    GLHancock @ A Writer’s Edge

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