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Between my DVD and Blu-ray website,; my books; and moving, I feel like I’m just trying to keep my head above water. So, a couple articles I read today as I was doing research really caught my eye. They’re geared toward bloggers and those trying to make money online, but their message works equally well for writers trying to get their work published and pushing through the self-doubts.

The first is How To Remain Productive When You Feel Like Giving Up. Self-doubt is a normal thing that every writer has to battle, even if they’re published but especially when they’re just starting out. It’s hard to sit at that computer and type and type without knowing if your work will have any success at all. The majority of people who start writing a book never finish it, and those who do often don’t do the work necessary to get it in a good enough shape for publication. And then there’s the querying agents process… Rejection is part of a writer’s life, and it can be hard to keep going, but this article has some great tips.

The second article, from the same site, is titled: If You Want Success Today, Let Yesterday Go and Stop Seeking Tomorrow. The article is long — and I must admit, I skimmed it — but the title itself is what I thought was great advice. I tend to look back and look forward way too much for my own good, but it does nothing except build my anxiety. And the truth is, I can’t do anything about yesterday or tomorrow. All I can work on is right now. And in this moment, I can work on one thing. So I need to choose that thing, then work on it to the best of my ability, not worrying about what’s going to happen tomorrow or what I missed yesterday. If I do my best right now, if I succeed today, then tomorrow will be sorted out by itself.

The third inspirational blog post I found today is for writers. Author Bobbi Miller has a great interview with fellow author Kathi Appelt. Kathi offers up a bunch of good stuff (her answer about the “American fantasy” genre is very interesting), but the most inspirational part is at the bottom when she talks about advice she received from M.T. Anderson, who told her “write what you think you can’t.” To Kathi, that meant she had permission to fail, and that opened her up to try new things. Good advice for all of us.

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  1. Steve says:


    Thanks for this post.

    I am published weekly, and write for quite a few publications. However, every day I need reinforcement and wisdom. It fuels me.

    For that, I thank you.



  2. Natalie Aguirre says:

    Thanks for the links. We can all use some inspiration and encouragement. It is hard sitting and writing and wondering if you’ll ever get published.

  3. You’re welcome, Steve and Natalie.

    Yeah, I agree. But perseverance is key.

  4. Hello from Puget Sound,

    Even though I’ve been doing picture books for 30 years, I am spanking new to the world of blogs and blogging. I’m having fun finding blogs like this one, and savoring the sense of support and community.

    Even when some days feel two months long and others disappear in the blink of an eye, it still and always day by day.

    Thanks so much!

    George Shannon

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