Free critique giveaway

Deborah Halverson

Deborah Halverson

To celebrate the release of the trailer for her Writing Young Adult Fiction For Dummies book, writer/editor Deborah Halverson is giving away a critique of the first 20 pages of a manuscript. It must be fiction of any genre, but no picture books.

It’s a good deal. The first few pages of a book are perhaps the most important. If you don’t yet have an agent, those pages are the ones you’ll use to suck them in. If you’re trying to entice an editor, they’ll look at the first few pages too. And even after a book has been published, beyond the cover and jacket copy, the first page could mean the difference between a sale and the book being placed back on the shelf.

Deborah knows a thing or two about these first pages. She was an editor for many years and is the author of two fiction books and the nonfiction YA writing guide. I reviewed the book when it launched and found it to be a good how-to.

So, make sure your first pages are the best they can be by entering Deborah’s contest.


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