I’ve missed you

As you can see from the dates on these blog posts, it’s been a while since I’ve written. When I started my blog, sharing my experiences as a lowly writer in the trenches, I loved it. I felt energized by the comments and community, and loved the idea of getting out of my head for a while every week. I even published the word count of one of my novels as I wrote it, and it was so much fun to see it grow.

Then came some dark days.

If you’re a writer—or anyone, really—you know the ones I’m talking about. Those days when you think no one cares what you say, so what’s the point in putting words out there.

Writing is one of the most rewarding things I do, but it’s also difficult—or maybe I should say challenging—and it’s easy to feel like a fraud. I felt like a fraud for a while and still do on many days.

But I learned a while back that it’s not about whether you’re saying the right thing or the best thing. It’s about sharing your thoughts no matter what other people think of them.

Of course, by the time I realized that, I had a way too busy schedule and blogging was still put low on the to do list.

But not now! I’m back, and I must say, I’ve missed you.

I look forward to sharing what’s going on with me, and I hope you’ll let me know what’s going on with you.

Here’s to more regular posts in the future…

What do you think?