A new book is born… sort of

An amazing thing happened last week, then another amazing thing happened this week. After months of silently working on my book, the news of its publication was announced.

First, Publishers Marketplace posted this:

WAKE Publishers Marketplace announcement

I was on deadline for a revision, so I didn’t even notice until my wonderful friends started posting the news on Facebook and in social media. The news was spread around with all these congratulations messages, and I gotta tell you, it felt great to see everyone so excited.

Then, on Tuesday, Publishers Weekly posted this:

WAKE Publishers Weekly announcement

I found out when I got a text message from a friend saying, “It’s out! PW!” She was even in line to vote when she was saw it.

I posted the news on my own Facebook page on yesterday, and again I was amazed at the support of my fantastic friends and family. So many excited comments and people sharing the news to their own friends.

Now the news is out, and I can’t wait until next summer when you’ll be able to read the book. I hope you’ll tell me what you think.


What do you think?