Book Birthday Bash: The Midnights

Book Birthday Bash


Happy Book Birthday to THE MIDNIGHTS!

The MidnightsTaking place in Southern California, young-adult novel THE MIDNIGHTS is about an aspiring musician struggling to hold onto herself and her music after her father’s unexpected death uproots more than just long-buried family secrets.

We’re so happy you’re at our party for THE MIDNIGHTS. Join in the fun…


Classic rock, definitely, but with a side of howling Santa Ana winds and the distant hum of freeway traffic. (To check out the full book playlist, go here)


Bottomless Del Taco tacos (a SoCal staple, open 24/7).


Lots of music is playing. Guitars are being passed around, people are drinking a little too much… juice… and we’re all singing far too loudly, until our throats turn raw and scratchy and we laugh so hard we can’t breathe.


Recycled record journals, for all our most pressing thoughts! Also red sunglasses, band pins, and moon stickers.

Sarah Nicole Smetana

Sarah Nicole Smetana

THE MIDNIGHTS is written by Sarah Nicole Smetana and published by HarperTeen/HarperCollins. You can buy this book at the retailers below…

Sarah Nicole Smetana grew up in Orange, California, where she wrote songs, played in a few bands, and successfully pilfered all of her parents’ best vinyl records. She received her BFA in Creative Writing from Chapman University and her MFA in Fiction from The New School. Currently, she lives in Brooklyn with her husband and their three-legged cat. THE MIDNIGHTS is her first novel. Visit her on her website.

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