Book Birthday Bash: Borrowed

Book Birthday Bash


Borrowed by Lucia DiStefanoHappy Book Birthday to BORROWED!

As seventeen-year-old Linnea celebrates the first anniversary of her heart transplant, she can’t escape the feeling that the wires have been crossed. After a series of unsettling dreams, inked messages mysteriously appear on her body, and she starts to wonder if this new heart belongs to her at all. In another Austin neighborhood, Maxine braces for a heartbreaking anniversary: her sister Harper’s death. Between raising her brothers and parenting her grief-stricken mother, Max is unable to ignore her guilty crush on Harper’s old flame or shake her lingering suspicion that her sister’s drowning wasn’t really an accident. With Harper as the sole connection, Linnea and Maxine are soon brought together in fantastic and terrifying ways as the shocking truth behind Harper’s death comes to light.

We’re so happy you’re at our party for young adult novel BORROWED. Join in the fun…


Spoon, Cage the Elephant, Mondo Cozmo, MISSIO, Miike Snow, The Revivalists, Portugal. The Man. (You know, all the cool stuff.)


Sweets only, no savory allowed! Because Linnea is a baker, the party will include lots and lots of pastries–the more teeth-curling frosting, the better.


Time with the Ouija board, definitely, at least for Maxine. She needs to communicate with her late sister, but little does she know that there’s an easier, much more direct way than trying to commune with the dead. For Linnea: speed-rolling pie crusts 😉


Tiny nesting dolls, since the story explores what happens when one personality is folded into another. Oh, and candy hearts with messages that feel naggingly familiar, but which you aren’t quite sure if you’ve seen before.

BORROWED is written by Lucia DiStefano and published by Elephant Rock Books. You can buy this book at the retailers below…

Lucia DiStefano

Lucia DiStefano

Lucia DiStefano is a former high school English teacher who now works as an editor, ghostwriter, and writing coach. First-generation Sicilian-American and daughter of an olive farmer, she admits to having recurring pasta dreams. Hailing from central Connecticut, Lucia lives near Austin, Texas, with her husband and an old bloodhound named Waffle. Find her on the web at and on Twitter at @LuciaDiStef.

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