Book Birthday Bash: Lola Shapes the Sky

Book Birthday Bash


Lola Shapes the Sky written by Wendy GreenleyHappy Book Birthday to LOLA SHAPES THE SKY!

In this picture book’s birthday, which means there’s a new playful, artistic cloud in the sky. Unfortunately, Thor wants Lola to focus on making weather. Lola wants to embrace being who she is, and that is definitely not a weather-maker.

We’re so happy you’re at our party for the picture book LOLA SHAPES THE SKY. Maybe we can convince Thor to relax and enjoy the fun with us!


We’re partying on cloud nine! The happiest place in the sky. (There will be a second party at the Barnes and Noble children’s story hour in Montgomeryville, PA on March 23rd from 11am-2pm!)


To encourage partygoers’ chameleon-like qualities and the message of embracing their true selves, Lady Gaga is live on-stage! She’ll sing a little bit of something for everyone.


Light fluffy meringue cookies are the food of choice at this party.


When we aren’t trying out each other’s moves in a high-energy game of Simon Says, we’re dancing and flying kites.


We’re sending home a coloring page, but you can just use a blank sheet of paper to party along at home, creating your own special cloud shape. And there’s always that party food!

LOLA SHAPES THE SKY is written by Wendy Greenley and published by Creative Editions. You can buy this book at the retailers below…

Wendy Greenley

Wendy Greenley

Wendy Greenley is the author of LOLA SHAPES THE SKY, illustrated by Paolo Domeniconi (Creative Editions, 2019). Her eclectic interests led her to be an ice cream scooper, microbiologist, attorney, Cub Scout leader, Art Goes to School Volunteer, and public relations for a dog rescue. Now she writes full-time for children. She lived in NJ, DE, PA, England and TX before circling back to the Keystone State with her family. Connect with Wendy on, on Facebook and Twitter.

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