Making the time

I’ve been writing my middle-grade novel for about a year and a half, on and off at first. But after attending the SCBWI national conference in Los Angeles last year, I left with a commitment to do better. The difficulty is, when? The days are filled with the work, the evenings with family. The fiance…
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Filling our ponds

Sometimes your characters won’t leave you alone, and at other times, it’s as though they’ve gone on vacation. Some days, you can sit at your computer (notebook) and whip out 10 pages in a couple hours. Other days, to get 10 words out feels as though you’re trying to drag a house up a very…
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First post, an introduction. I’m like most aspiring novelists: busy. Juggling a day-job/first career, housework, cooking, life in general can be exhausting. But the amazing thing about writing is not the stringing together of words to make sentences — well, that too — but the characters, who talk to you when you’re walking the dog,¬†shout…
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