It’s all about plot

Just a quick post tonight. In my check in, I did the revision for chapter 18 and started chapter 19. Tomorrow’s goal: finish chapter 19.

I’m still hoping to have this revision by the end of the year, but that deadline’s coming up fast, so my goals are going to have to start getting tougher next week.

Also, after I was having all those plot problems in my novel’s middle for the last month, I saw a post on author J.A. Konrath’s A Newbie’s Guide to Publishing blog that reminded me why the work was so important. Konrath lists four points to remember when dealing with plot, and one all encompassing point to remember when we’re telling stories: “Here’s a mess, clean it up.” I’d change that to “Make a mess, clean it up” as the duty for us writers. Check out the post. Good advice for all of us.

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