The Next Top Spiritual Author

Manuscript update: I haven’t written anything yet today, but wanted to get this blog post up. Then it’s back to writing my story. Got some done, 486 words to be exact. I’m at 2,964 words out of 40K total. 37,036 left by the end of May. I need to write 714 a day.

First, I love the name of this contest: The Next Top Spiritual Author. With all the reality shows on TV, this is great.

Nanny and I book coverI hadn’t heard about this contest before, but from what I can gather, the prize is a publishing deal. I found out about it through a message on a Yahoo writers group I belong to. The message was from author/illustrator Sylvia Peltier, who’s seeking votes for her book.

Sylvia self-published two picture books a while ago in a series. The first, Nanny and I, sold out and the second has almost sold out.

From Sylvia’s description, the books sound really sweet, about a child’s relationship with a grandmother who is in a wheelchair.

It’s something Sylvia now knows a lot about. She has been a writer and artist all her life, but she’s now confind to a wheelchair due to a sickness.

If you think Nanny and I looks like a good book, I hope you’ll vote for Peltier to be The Next Top Spiritual Author. But even if you don’t, I hope you’ll check out this contest and vote for whomever you think should win. One of the best parts of this industry is the support writers give each other. This is just one opportunity.

If you know of any others, let us know in the comments.

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