Book Birthday Bash: Spin the Golden Light Bulb

Book Birthday Bash


Happy Book Birthday to SPIN THE GOLDEN LIGHT BULB!

Spin the Golden Light BulbThank you so much for coming to the Birthday Party for SPIN THE GOLDEN LIGHT BULB! To get this party started, we thought you might like to know a bit about our guest of honor, the first of The Crimson Five middle-grade books. So let’s hop aboard the Piedmont aero-bus where we’ll travel fifty years into the future. It’s time to meet Kia Krumpet, the girl whose mind swirls…

The year is 2071. Kia Krumpet is eleven years old. She bites her nails (a lot) and flies an aero-scooter. And she dreams of building her sixty-seven inventions at PIPS, the Piedmont Inventor’s Prep School.

The event is the Piedmont Challenge. A challenge in which all 6th graders solve a series of tasks. The winners compete in teams to earn a place at PIPS. The rest are forced to study one school category for all of 7th and 8th grade. (That’s two whole years!)

The place is Camp Piedmont. The most imaginative and innovative camp around. But in a world full of floating playgrounds, switching bunk beds, and robotic monkey assistants, there’s more at stake than winning a Golden Light Bulb or creating an invention, and only one team with the courage to figure out what that is.

It’s time to meet The Crimson Five. Kia, Ander, Mare, Jax & Jillian.

Because sometimes it takes a friend (or four) to help make your dreams come true.

Now let’s join in the birthday fun…


The Piedmont Challenge theme song is playing on an endless loop throughout the party to keep you motivated to Think More. Work Hard. Dream Big!


As a party guest, you can choose from the foods found at Camp Piedmont, served from the Spinning Food Flowers, an invention created by one of the past winners of the Piedmont National Finals. The food includes Andora Appelonia’s Scrambles Apples, Seraphina’s Swing’s Salty Snacks, Crimson Five Cupcakes, Camp Piedmont Cookies, and a Spin the Golden Light Bulb Birthday Cake!


You can participate in team building activities like the Human Pretzel and play on the fabulous Floating Playground. You can also help fill Kia Krumpet’s Someday Box with your own invention ideas by writing them on scrolls. But the crowd favorite is definitely the Camp Piedmont classic, Nacho Cheese Ball, the sport of the future!


At this party, you can receive bookmarks, stickers, and your own Crimson Five silver wristbands engraved with the message: Be curious. Be creative. Be collaborative. Be colorful. Be courageous.

Jackie Yeager

Jackie Yeager

SPIN THE GOLDEN LIGHT BULB is written by Jackie Yeager and published by Amberjack Publishing. You can buy this book at the retailers below…

Jackie Yeager is a middle grade author whose stories inspire children to think more, work hard, and dream big. She holds a Master’s degree in Education and spent several years coaching Odyssey of the Mind, where her team once-upon-a-time competed at the World Finals. She lives in Rochester, New York, with her real life prince charming and two royally amazing teens. When she’s not writing imaginative middle-grade fiction or living in her own fairy tale world, she can be found conducting creative problem solving/writing workshops for kids and blogging at
Twitter: @JackieYeager
Instagram: jackie_yeager
Facebook: JackieYeager, Author

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  1. Cristal says:

    Wow thank yo for this giveaway. The book sounds like a magical adventure

  2. Sarah Floyd says:

    Huge congrats, Jackie! Your book sounds fantastic!!

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