Book Birthday Bash: Legends of the Lost Causes

Book Birthday Bash


Happy Book Birthday to LEGENDS OF THE LOST CAUSES!

Legends of the Lost CausesLadies and gents, we would like to introduce: A band of orphan avengers. A cursed stone. A horde of zombie outlaws.

This is Keech Blackwood’s new life after Bad Whiskey Nelson descends upon the Home for Lost Causes and burns it to the ground. With his home destroyed and his family lost, Keech will have to use the lessons he learned from Pa Abner to hunt down the powerful Char Stone.

Luckily, he has the help of a ragtag team of orphans. Together, they’ll travel through treacherous forests, fight off the risen dead, and discover that they share mysterious bonds as they search for the legendary stone.

Now it’s a race against the clock, because if Bad Whiskey finds the stone first…all is lost.

We’re so happy you’re at our party for middle-grade novel LEGENDS OF THE LOST CAUSES. Join in the fun…


Why, our party has all the best Old West melodies, of course! Our dusty piano’s a little out of tune, but don’t let that stop ya from comin’ on in and joinin’ the fun! We’re also stompin’ our bootheels to the sounds of horses runnin’ down the wagon path, and Keech Blackwood himself whistlin’ his favorite cowboy tune, “Ol’ Lonesome Joe.”


Legends of the Lost Causes SWAG

Check out the party favors for Legends of the Lost Causes.

We’re havin’ all the best delectables money can buy! Step on over to the table and have yourself a Sheriff’s Badge cookie, or a no-bake chocolate “cow paddy” (it tastes better than it sounds, trust us!), or maybe you’d like to try a Rice Krispy “hay bale.” Whatever your taste buds may like, Keech Blackwood and his gang can supply!


Why, we might just break into a campfire song in the round, or mayhap we’ll even try a Wild West Mad Lib or two.


If you come to a party thrown by Keech Blackwood and the gang, you better expect to get deputized. So prepare to get a star and a dandy LOST CAUSES bookmark to go with your brand new novel. Heck, we might even throw in some fun props to wear for picture-takin’ with the author!

LEGENDS OF THE LOST CAUSES is written by Brad McLelland and Louis Sylvester and published by Henry Holt for Young Readers (Macmillan Children’s Publishing Group). You can buy this book at the retailers below…

Brad McLelland

Brad McLelland

Born and raised in Arkansas, Brad McLelland spent several years working as a crime journalist in the South before earning his MFA in creative writing from Oklahoma State University, where his met his writing partner, Louis Sylvester. A part-time drummer and singer, Brad lives in Oklahoma with his wife, stepdaughter, a mini-Aussie who gives hugs, and a chubby cat who begs for ham. You can visit him at, and follow him on Twitter @bradmcbooks and on Instagram @bradmclelland.

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