Book Birthday Bash: All Out of Pretty

Book Birthday Bash


Happy Book Birthday to ALL OUT OF PRETTY!

Hi and welcome to the party!

All Out of PrettyI’m thrilled to introduce you to Andrea Hathaway, the smart, tough protagonist of ALL OUT OF PRETTY. Sixteen-year-old Andrea knows what it’s like to be pretty. Thanks to her gorgeous, drug-addicted mother, she also knows where pretty can lead…

As a straight-laced, straight-A student, Andrea plans on attending an Ivy League college and being as un-like her mother as possible. But a sudden tragedy forces her to move from the safety of her Gram’s house to the backwoods of Ohio. Thrust into a dangerous new life with her mother and her mother’s controlling, drug-dealer boyfriend, Andrea learns to keep her head down and her mouth shut. But soon she realizes that surviving isn’t enough; she must use her smarts to plan an escape–even if it means betraying her best friends and leaving her mother behind.

ALL OUT OF PRETTY is a gritty contemporary YA that explores the tenuous balance between right and wrong, strength and vulnerability. Come on out and enjoy the party!


Hunter Hayes’ “Wanted” is the perfect theme song for Andrea and her friend, Brick, so that will be on repeat at some point. Also: “Song of the South” by Alabama. In addition, there will be a mix of hip hop and classical music, as they’re both featured in Andrea’s story.


Andrea often doesn’t have enough to eat and her drug-dealing boss uses food as incentive for complying with his demands. Andrea’s not picky, so the kind of food served at the party doesn’t really matter, as long as there’s LOTS of it. No one is allowed to go home hungry!


All Out of Pretty book and SWAG

All Out of Pretty book and party favors

This party takes place at a hidden pond in the woods behind Andrea’s house, so don’t forget your swimsuit, your best skipping stones, and your tree-climbing shoes! Also: everyone’s getting a free tattoo! Andrea has one around her wrist that says “Unbreakable.”


In case you don’t want a real tattoo, we’ll provide some temporary ones. Also, free books (because Andrea loves reading and learning) as well as bookmarks. For giveaways, lucky winners will receive a green backpack and a duffel bag–two items Andrea keeps with her at all times!

ALL OUT OF PRETTY is written by Ingrid Palmer and published by Creston Books. You can buy this book at the retailers below…

Ingrid Palmer

Ingrid Palmer

Ingrid Palmer is a young adult author who writes stories about family dynamics, the nuances of friendship, and all the emotions that accompany the brave act of growing up. Ingrid has a master’s degree in journalism from Northwestern University and​ is a graduate of the Denver Publishing Institute. She lives in a Colorado mountain town with her husband and two sons, surrounded by herds of elk, an occasional black bear, and endless evergreen trees. ALL OUT OF PRETTY is her debut novel. Find her on her website:, Twitter: @ingpalmer, Instagram: ingypal, and Facebook: ingridpalmerauthor.

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