Book Birthday Bash: Once Upon a Princess

Book Birthday Bash


Happy Book Birthday to ONCE UPON A PRINCESS!

Once Upon a PrincessIn this middle-grade novel, on the evening of the 800th anniversary of the founding of the small European kingdom of Colsteinburg, violence erupts outside the royal palace, throwing one family’s life into chaos. After a coup in her country, Her Royal Highness, Fredericka Elisabetta Teresa von Boden don Mohr (or Fritzi to her friends), wakes up one day no longer a princess. Stuck hiding in a suburban American middle school dealing with mean girls, cafeteria lunches, and teachers who don’t understand (or know about) her unique situation, Fritzi just wants to go home to her kingdom and be a princess again. She turns to social media for help, but will her efforts work or make everything worse? With opposition forces trying to force her father’s abdication from the throne, Fritzi discovers that being a true princess doesn’t come from a title.

We’re so happy you’re at our party for ONCE UPON A PRINCESS. Join in the fun…


Princess Fritzi, of course loves any music about Princesses, so songs like “Someday My Prince Will Come,” would figure prominently in any party she’s involved in. But mostly she likes to have fun and there would be music by Lady Gaga and Keesha and of course some classic stuff from the ’80s because that’s cool too.


Colsteinburg is known for its cheese, so of course there would be plenty of cheese platters. But princesses can not live by cheese alone, so there would be sausage rolls and chicken fingers and of course pizza, because everyone loves pizza. For dessert perhaps, if you are lucky, there will be spun sugar dragons like they had at the Octo-centennial Ball in Colsteinburg.


A nice game of netball would burn off some energy at the party. Though when everyone was settled back inside, perhaps a game of Truth of Dare might start up. The question of course would be, do you dare to tell the truth?


Tiaras, of course, would be the party favor of choice, but this being a party to celebrate both Fritzi and Colsteinburg, there would also be dragons, and snow globes. The dragon because it is the symbol of Colsteinburg, and snow globes because Fritzi likes them and collected them before her life turned all upside down.

Christine Marciniak, author of ONCE UPON A PRINCESS

Christine Marciniak, author of ONCE UPON A PRINCESS

ONCE UPON A PRINCESS is written by Christine Marciniak and published by CBAY. You can buy this book at the retailers below…

Christine Marciniak was born in Philadelphia, but has spent most of her life in New Jersey, and considers herself a true Jersey Girl. She started her writing career as the editor of The Official Cruise Guide. When her second child was born she stayed home full time to raise her children and write fiction. She has written several books for middle grade, young adult and adult and hopes to write many more. Find her on her website:, Twitter: @ckmarciniak and Facebook:

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